The Network Center also known as TNC, Dubai was declared the Emerging VAD of the Year at the Integrator ICT Champion Awards 2016. The company won its award as are cognition of being a fast emerging value add is tributor focuse don network testing and monitoring solutions. NabeelAhmed, Founder and CEO of TNC Middle East FZE speaks about the company’s focus on distribution and services.


What have been the highlights in the distribution business for the company over the year?

Do you see demand growth focus network visibility and testing solutions across verticals ?

It has been an important year for us. We have seen increased revenues over the year. We have added more customers and strengthened business with existing customers. We have added partners in some countries. We have opened our testing and visibility lab in our DSO facility and have strengthened our own expertise in testing and professional services.

This is where we stand apart from the classic distribution model as we don’t have to depend on vendors for expertise and can directly support our partners. We have continued to train our staff in new technologies and also done training for our partners so that they in turn have the expertise to deal with customer needs themselves and don’t have to depend entirely on us. Our team continues to spend enough time in R&D on emerging technologies and simulating different possible customer scenarios so that we are prepared in advance to deal with customer requirements as they come up. We have also noticed that while about three years ago, customers may not have been very aware of the importance of testing and visibility solutions, more customers now understand the need for such solutions. We are also constantly educating the market.


Elaborate on the vendors you have tied up with for distribution? Which are the likely new areas you will look to add?

IXIA is a major vendor with an extensive range of visibility solutions that have tied up with. It gives us a sizeable portfolio to focus on and taking to market. In addition,we have partnered with Neotys which has solutions for Application performance testing specifically. Overall, we will continue to be quite selective about adding vendors and don’t want overlaps in our portfolio. We work very closely with the vendors we work with.

We also have a professional services and training partnership with Extreme Networks and are authorized to train partners and customers. We are focused on MEA and Asia at the moment. In addition we are also a professional services partner for Dell in emerging markets.

Being a training and professional services partner for leading vendors helps us enhance our in-house expertise to deliver services to partners and their customers. We are now focusing on Openstack and SDN. We are building a lab for Openstack. We believe this is a huge growth area and will be adding vendors in this area.


With the technical expertise of your team, how do you help partners deploy network testing solutions and support their customers?

Since we have our established in house resources, we are quite capable to help partners. We make sure customers have two to three options to choose from when it comes to solution deployments so that their budgetary constraints may not hamper their decision.

We are also leasing out software and hardware for testing purposes in case customers have such requirements. We support customers through the entire cycle that extends to post deployment.


Are you continuing to grow your network of reseller partners? Which are your stronger markets in terms of partner reach?

While we are increasing our partners selectively in some markets, we are careful not have too many partners as there is no need to have many partners in our domain.The key is to have capable partners who are well versed with the domain. We have partners in all key markets of the region. We are now extending our focus towards Asia and Africa in terms of increasing our channel network.


Comment on solutions you offer for virtualized environments? Is this growing?

As I mentioned, we are now focusing on enhancing our capabilities and offerings in Openstack; virtualization is a key component of this. Over the past year, our team has been in trained about virtualized environments. We are also helping out some vendors with their professional services in virtualisation.


Elaborate on customer relationships as a key focus for the company?

We value our customers. Their continued trust is key to our success and therefore they are first for us. The strong relationships we share with our existing customers is why vendors approach us. We have had successful relationships with customers across verticals including service providers, oil & gas, finance and government entities over the past 14 years and more. Majority of our business continues to come from existing customers.