Viavi helps ensure top performance in virtually every major network—from the NOC to field technicians—and over 100,000 data centers worldwide, from deployment and installation to monitoring and optimization.

Portable test instruments for tactical, tech control and camp/post/station environments

T-BERD 6000A

Compact and highly integrated test platform for fiber and Ethernet/IP-based networks
The Viavi T-BERD 6000A is designed for all phases of the fiber and Ethernet/Internet Protocol (IP) and serial datacom network life cycle. It provides field service technicians with the highest levels of performance and upgrade ability on the market, providing over 40 different modules supporting a wide range of applications. The versatility of the T-BERD 6000A allows technicians to standardize using one type of test equipment and then introduce new testing capabilities in the field without incurring additional training and device costs. The Multi-Service Applications Module (MSAM) can test any interface in a metro network from Ethernet and Fiber Channel business services to backbone OTN, SONET/SDH, T1/E1, serial datacom, and conditioned diphase (CDI).


T-BERD 8000

Multi-application platform for physical, optical, and transport/ Ethernet testing
The Viavi T-BERD 8000 platform is the industry’s most innovative, versatile test solution for modern and future high-speed transmission network deployments. It covers traditional fiber and BERT testing as well as advanced high-speed ROADM testing and 40/100 G service activation, maintenance, and troubleshooting with a mix of more than 40 apps and hundreds of test configurations to meet your exact testing needs.